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Hey there everyone my friend Ashura129 needs animators to help with his new youtube series hes doing it would be awesome if you guys can help :)
Heres the info about his awesome series
okay so what this show is about is that it takes place in the cartoon universe,where all fictional things go, and the world this shoe focuses on is located in the center of the cartoon universe named The OC world,where all online OC's go. The main characters are a group of 5 oc's who come from different animation styles. Their names and styles are Fil,who is a old 1940's rubber hose cartoon character, Party,who is fil's girlfriend and her style is old 1980's anime, Gunhammer,who's a android and his style is like the angular styling of dexter's lab or the powerpuff girl's, Tara,who's a steam punk white mage and has a big crush on Fil, and Blacklight,who's style is comic book. The show's plots usually involve the gang getting into trouble because of Fil's scientific escapades or trying to find this mysterious thing called "The Tablet". A artifact that can bend cartoon space and time. The main bad guys are named Dr.X and Darklord. Dr.X is a quack Dr. with plans to make the world " peaceful" in his own image. Darklord is just a bad guy who's starting out and acts like a idiot sometimes.

It would be awesome if you guys can help him out with his series :)
heres the link to his page 
I hope you guys can help my friend out :)
Hey there everyone heres a little short update journal. I started a facebook page so if you wanna chat and hangout with me on facebook heres the link to my page… see yall on facebook my friends have a a good night :)
Listen up everybody I need your help theres these no good troll art thief jerk. DrewHealy1234 He's stealing my lil sis taylors art. KittySweetheart I need your help to stop these jerk for stealing my lil sister no one hurts my friends and gets away with it lets stop these jerk.
Hey there everyone I have big news. my best friend PokemonDutchess is doing an awesome Halloween special contest its awesome and legendary check it out
Halloween Special Contest!Minna! I had a wonderful idea! This is a very early contest that I decided to do before Halloween comes. Since it'll be Halloween themed, I'll give you all the choice to vote any of my oc's on my characters list! You can all find it on My Gallery Section. Or, I can give you my favourite characters list, for my opinion. In a few 4 more hours, I'll be the Host of this contest. Ok, to keep going on the business of this upcoming contest, I'll open a 24-hours vote, it will be with no poll, sadly. But, anyone can comment to vote the characters you find interesting, cute, or cool, or mysterious! You'll decide what character you like, just take your time, and decide what your heart desires. And, the six characters who are the most chosen, they'll pass to the Royale Scary Halloween Finals! And, for the three who wins, It'll will appear on my short story, which i'll be calling...
"Halloween Nights! Scary-Style Mega Show!"
And, for the three characters who get selected, they are going to w

its an awesome legendary and super cute contest. Its awesome I need everyones help to help me and my best friend spread the word about her awesome contest
Need Everyone's Help! Eeeeveryone, Let's Go!Minna na na na nyan! I'll be hosting a Halloween Contest in a few days before Halloween arrives in October. Well, the thing is....Nyaaa! I'm too shy to tell it! Ok, I'll tell it. I need some people to spread the word about this contest. Because, The big prize is a drawing of any cute style, with my sign on it, as a gift for the winners. And, well, I don't wanna leave the others who participate. I'll give a gift for the ones who participate too. So...wouldn't you all mind to help me a little with this contest? It's my first contest, And I'm so nervous, and...I can't do it alone. If you all help me, you'll be awarded with honours for sure.
And, As a little fun part, I'll be adding three of my anime crushes to be the Judges to make me company, and help me to decide the winner at the end of this contest. To keep it secret, It'll be a suprise. So, I hope to count with all of you for help in this contest! Sou, Sayonara!

lets spread the word everybody these contest is awesome and legendary
Hey guys I had a new idea if any of you guys wanna vid chat with me you can come to my Skype page RhythmJackDA and my google account I was thinking about doing a delfino academy Podcast on my google account. An idea my brother Adin suggested on my google account we can talk about ideas role play or audition for delfino academy and be sure to subscribe to my channel and ill subscribe and add you on google plus heres my channel… later guys
Please everyone I need your help we need to help PokemonDutchess I don't want her to leave I don't wanna lose one of my best friends so please everyone we need her to stay we need to tell her we love and care about her shes awesome and amazing so please everyone help… I don't wanna lose one of my best friends
Big news everybody im on youtube now Yay Party! XD Its still a work in progress but its gonna be awesome if any of you guys like to chat or subscribe to me heres my channel link… and for everyone who are auditioning for my series Delfino Academy you can sent me audition videos on youtube. Well see you guys there peace also to any trolls and haters on youtube and DA you jerks will never bring me or any of my friends down Haters gonna Hate and Trolls are going down same to hackers too DA and Youtube Forever! XD
Hey everyone I'm still doing my delfino academy series, but I heave big news. As you know tommorrow the hub shall be renamed discovery families, but that's not cool the Hub has been with us since 2010 it has brought us some great shows like transformers prime Dan VS The Haunting Hour and the Hit Series My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and many more shows. It has also brought back classic shows from the past back to life and has shown great movies. It also brought back the hit show Mork and Mindy the show that the great Robin Williams first started as an actor and I know that he loved the hub too.

So with your help we're gonna try to start a campaign to save the Hub and keep it on the air or even give it it's own channel if your with me join me and save The Hub. The Hub Forever!

hey everyone I have a major announcement I'm starting a new series with my new OCs Team Rhythm the next generation of the power kidz pirates. Oh what is delfino academy you ask? Well its a special academy created by me and my bro adin. These academy is for the next generation of OCs and anime characters where there dreams and goals will come true someday. So if you want any of your ocs to attend delfino academy come talk to me kay. Anyway I'm gonna plan on doing a video series with my new OCs and everyone's OCs can join too. Here's one of the video series ideas for delfino academy. Its called Delfino academy movie time, where my OCs will do a lets watch/commentary on a movie, anime, or video. But first, ill be holding voice auditions to pick who will play who, if you guys wanna join in sent me a note and when I pick the right people to play my characters ill sent you a note about the characters personality and info about them. Here's the characters of the series.

Heroes of Delfino Academy

Jack Lantern:

Violet H. Pearl: ThePrincessTaylor

DJ Jazz: DJatomica2

Ra Pharaoh: MartmeisterPaladin

Ashley Midnight: (reserved)

Franky Jr.:

Wendy J. Bloom:

Fiesta Del Fuago:

Scorpio Rocket:

Dante Striker:

Luna R. Striker:

P.J. Carnival:

Rocky Boxer:

Zack Lee:

Ami M Star: WaterWitch

Jake Exor:

Taylor Heart:

Ace Falcon:

Rosalina V. Sunshine:

Moko Go:

Sunny Go:

Rukio Gold Kyoto: Tulf42

Sebastion Frost:

Juliet Rain: (reserved)

Arial Crimson: (reserved)

Serena Silver: PokemonDutchess

Rio Lion:

Zelda Lantern:

Jan Tiger:

Mini Mach JaGo:

Cana Crane:

Jasmine Light: (reserved)

Will Saige:

Lance D. Thunder:

Drake Shark:

Ocean Dawn: taystar92 

Vincent Rome:squadallahthistle

Blake Shot:Shadowofthebandicoot

Jason Kai:

Rachel Love:

Devin Ready:

Hikaru Bronze:

Mason T. 5:

Saturn Nova:

Neptune Nova:

Mercury Cosmos:

Leo Astro:

Max Astro:

Troy Trojan:

T-Bone Cave:

Yuki Lotus:

Adam Sai:

Tyro Ultrarex:

Oswald Layton:

Felix White:

Baron V. Moon: 

Simon Fossil:

Zero the Zombie X:

Daniel Silver:

Andrew Jazz:

Zeke Shot:

Heather Midnight:

Team Vendetta Discord:

Eon T Shift:

Rebecca Monoca:  (reserved)

Wraps the Jackal:

Carlito Bandito:

Reflect Copy Cat: (reserved)

Rockella Stone: katelyn21


Piper Blood:

Tomb Graveyard:

Ruchia Siren: (reserved)

Misery Sorrow:

La Hacker Enter V.:

Riot Rebel:

Sophia Shadow:


Lord Vile:

Brat Greed:


Black Pheonix:

Arachnia Widow:

Hydrax 13:

Shadow Jewel:

Parasyte X:

Cobra Samurai:

Wire Rare:

Count Glaxio Dark:

Z-rog 17:

Shira Terror:

Extinctor Mutant:

Fangoria Dark:

My bro Adin's OCs

Mio Sakura:

Dean the vampire king:




Yuna: sonicxmelissa302


The Emperor:

Taylors OCs

Taylor Slovak:

Orchid Beauregarde:

Dylan M.:


Ill be adding more characters to the list soon also if you want more info about the academy and the auditions for the video series go see the co founder of delfino academy my bro Adin. aden-the-caring-one.deviantart… Plus were gonna do a special promo video about delfino academy staring everyones favorite cutest OC of DA, the princess of Japan, and my bro Adins #1 OC, Yuna Sakura. But first, were gonna hold second auditions for who shall play yuna.

PS ill be also making special one piece oc tribute request pics for the 15th anniversary of one piece. Also for my video series I thought about using these song for the opening… and not only am I holding auditions for my new OCs but I'm also holding auditions for my classic OCs and all my friends ocs too.



Zono Cardshark:




Lisa Star:

Alice Rose:








Ice Pheonix:






Out Back Kid:

Troy Tuner:

Dusk Night:

Ronny Neel:





Black Pheonix:


















Devil Rider:


King Kiro:



 These just in. We have one of the first actors whos gonna play one of my characters for the delfino academy series. ThePrincessTaylor has won the role as Violet Pearl Congratulations taylor I know you'll do awesome as violet lil sis.

Also if you guys wanna sent or talk to me about auditions for the characters you can look me up on Skype. My Skype name is strawhattrey

These just in MartmeisterPaladin

 Big news everyone not only for my new series but I need everyones help to support a new anime convention in my hometown. Its gonna be my hometowns very first ever anime convention so I want all my friends and watchers to please help and support the new anime convention Falcon heres its facebook page

 I hope everyone can help out with the convention and maybe you guys can come to it too it starts these fall in October

Heres a little update to the series. I will also be holding understudy roles like backup actors. You see like in a play, an actor has an understudy, if anything happens to main actor or actress and he or she cant fulfill there duties then the understudy can take over until the main voice actor actress is back in action. So if the main actors cant fulfill there voice acting duties due to illness, college work, school work, or family issues the understudy will take over for them until the main actors are back in action.







these journal is a special birthday gift to my dear friend scarlet Yeppo-kaykay from me and all my OCs and all my friends OCs Happy Birthday Sis.

Me: Happy Birthday scarlet

Shades: Happy Birthday scarlet

Donny: Happy Birthday Miss scarlet

Cardshark: Happy Birthday scarlet

Venotaur: Happy Birthday scarlet

Johnny: Happy Birthday dear scarlet

Thog: Happy Super Birthday scarlet

Lisa: Happy Birthday scarlet

Axel: Happy Birthday scarlet

Alex: Happy Birthday miss scarlet

Alice: Happy Birthday scarlet

Bayou: Happy Birthday scarlet

Dan&Sam: Happy Birthday scarlet

DJ: Happy Awesome Birthday scarlet

Violet: Happy Birthday scarlet

Jack: Happy Birthday scarlet

Whirl: Happy Birthday Senorita scarlet

Sky: Happy Birthday scarlet

Darkos: Happy Birthday scarlet

Ice Pheonix: Happy Cool Birthday scarlet

Phantom: Happy Birthday scarlet

Rebel: Happy Birthday scarlet

Franky Jr.: Happy Super Birthday scarlet

Jem: Happy Birthday miss scarlet

Ashley: Happy Birthday scarlet

Fiesta: Happy Birthday senorita scarlet 

Adin: Happy Birthday scarlet

Yuna: Happy Birthday scarlet

Mio: Happy Birthday aunt scarlet

Hana: Happy Birthday scarlet

Kana: Happy Birthday scarlet

Jayden: Happy Birthday scarlet

The Emperor: Happy Birthday scarlet chan

Freya: Happy Birthday scarlet

Xion: Happy Birthday scarlet

Happy Birthday Scarlet from Straw Hat Trey and the Power Kidz Pirates. And everyone on DA Show Scarlet some love on her special day kay. Love ya sis happy birthday TPK.


Also, for Yuna's gift, me and my ocs like to play and dedicate these song to our three friends. Adin, Yuna, and Kaykay. A great song for three great and awesome friends that we've all come to know and love please enjoy and merry Christmas Adin, Yuna, and KayKay from Trey and the Power Kidz pirates.







Hey everyone trey here I hope you guys are gonna have a great Christmas I know I am. These journal is a special gift to my bro adin's OC Yuna Sakura whose become a great friend to all my ocs and me and our family. Her, Adin, Mio, and all of adin's OCs. And we want all of you to show my support and love that me and my OCs always show him. For yuna these gift is from and all my OCs.


Me: Yuna, since we met you've been an awesome friend to me and my friends. You and adin always got my back, you help us out when were down, and I'm glad your my friend yuna. Merry Christmas Yuna

Cardshark: I'm glad were friends yuna your an amazing student and friend. You always help me out when im training and maybe someday you'll be a great swordsmen. Merry Christmas Yuna

Shades: I'm glad me and you are friends yuna. Your cute, funny, and a awesome friend yuna. You help me train and help me pull pranks sometimes, and you and trey some times help break up the fights me and the angel always have. Merry Christmas Yuna

Donny: Yuna your a great friend and beautiful young lady. You help me train, you love my violin music, and you always help with my baseball practice sometimes. Merry Christmas yuna

Venotaur: your an awesome friend yuna. You always help me out with others when there sick or injured, and help nurse them back to health. Merry Christmas yuna

Johnny: Oh Yuna swan you are a great and beautiful friend. You always love and compliment my cooking, and you always help me cook in the kitchen. Merry Christmas yuna swan

Thog: Your a Super! great friend yuna. You always help me build new inventions in my workshop, and you help take good care of the thousand sunny. Merry Christmas yuna

Lisa: Yuna your a great friend and awesome little sister to me and the other girls. You help me navigate us to other islands, and your a great shopping friend. Merry Christmas yuna

Dan&Sam: your a great friend to us yuna. you always like to have fun, hang, and fish with us yuna. Merry Christmas yuna

Alex: Your a smart girl and a amazing friend yuna. You always help me out in my lab yuna, and you help me and alice with our studies. Merry Christmas yuna

Whirl: Senorita yuna your a great and beautiful friend. You always love my music, and you always love to join in the samba 6 concerts. Feliz Navidad senorita yuna

Alice: your a wonderful friend yuna. You always help me out with mine and alexs studies, and your a great little sister to me and the other girls. Merry Christmas yuna



Hey everyone i got good news thanks to my friend Wolvestorms im back on skype heres my name StrawHatTrey so if you wanna be on my contacts list on skype leave your skype name in the comments below and see you there. TPK

PS My DA party is still going on through out the whole month of august so see you there bye.
Alright everyone the time has come to  head to Isle delfino cause its Party Time to the chatroom charge!!!!!… i know its a little early but i thought why not start these party now with a bang come on everybody!!!!!!! TPK 
Long ago the creator and king of Deviantart Gold J. Deviant he had wealth, power, and fame before he died and left DA these were the final words he said. "My Treasure and knowledge its yours for the taking, but youll need to find it first. I left everything i owned and gathered together  in one piece." These words lead countless souls to the deviantart seas. These is the time known as The Great DA Pirate Era. And Know a young man name Trey Turner who ate the Gum Gum Devil fruit along with his crew of friends from all DA are on the voyage to the New DA World to make there dreams come true. And where Trey will find the One Piece and become the DA Pirate king Trey: Im gonna be the DA Pirate King!!!!!! TPK.

Hello everyone Straw Hat Trey here and me and my crew have big plans for August cause its my one year anniversary on DA. This is going to be awesome for i'm inviting all my friends and awesome watchers and there cool OCs to my chatroom party. In fact August is the moth i met my favorite bro aden-thecaringone and my friend wolvestorms who help me start my DA page adventure. So here's a list of the people i shall be inviting to the chatroom party. 

1. aden-thecaringone
2. Beowulf Prime
3. kami jazzu
4. WPBcrazy
5. Wolvestorms
6. Britishgirl2012
7. Yeppo-KayKay
8. Trainman3985
9. DeadGotashi
10. Yoshiboo360
11. Magic-Kristina-KW
12. dragonwar23
13. OmegaMario89
14. Derpam
15. Sublover21
16. NinjaBabies
17. xXKaijuKing91Xx
18. Ask-OoTPrincessZelda 
19. Johnny-Test 
20. MarioSonicMoon
21. StellaAndrew
22. Ay6
23. Kikyo30003
24. TaylorsToonAdventures 
25. ChaosKnightXZ
26. purplepep04
27. Frankie-Sten1
28. IkUNTyphoon
29. RoadRollerPrincess02
30. Ask-StrawHat-Luffy 
31. viv2001
32. EQGRP-Applejack
33. EQGRP-Twilight 
34. EQGRP-Rarity
35. EQGRP-Rainbow 
36. EQGRP-Vinyl 
37. EQGRP-Fluttershy 
38. EQGRP-Derpy
39. EQGRP-Pinkie 
40. ChristinAndrew
41. XXHaileeMlyokeeXX  
42. KingCondor
43. EQGRP-Sweetie
44. RP-Airman
45. RP-Gutsman
45. EQGRP-Apple
46. Ryokunai
47. Aso-Designer

That's all for now but ill keep adding more awesome people to invite to this chatroom party for my anniversary until then if you wanna come ask me in the comments below. Well see you guys later this anniversary party is going to be awesome TPK.

Alright everyone heres the chatroom for the party… if you guys are ready to party lets get it started also for the role play location of the party shall be isle delfino the tropical paradise so its summer party time yeah.
Hey everyone this is Shades Knight one of Trey's OCs and Donny Steel here and we have an important message for everyone. Shades: Look since we've been on DA trey has meet some awesome friends and artist here and hes sorry if has spamed any of you guys in the past but hes just a little impaitent thats all and he has been blocked a few times but hes really sorry.Hes not trying to hurt anyone or be a creeper he just wants to be friends again with a few people thats all and im glad are awesome watchers are there to help him out. And im also glad for our pal Aden-thecareingone hes always there for our captain hes always there to protect and help trey  and om glad to call him my friend. Donny: Trey has always been there for us and all his friends on DA. Like when that jerk 7perry7 was being mean to our friend Beowulf-Prime, or when our friend vampy was in the hospital trey made 2 journal for her and got all his friends to support her, and hes always there for you guys  if your sick, sad, or depressed hes a great guy. If it wasent for trey i wouldnt be be with the power kidz today, in the past i was an orphan i had no family but trey took me in and not only did i gain my new friends i also gain a family. Shades: yeah trey has been there for me too. I was once evil but trey showed me the light and hes always there for me and im always there for him. So if anyone trys to be mean, hurtful, or anything to hurt my friend you have to deal with me, donny, adin, and all his friends and watchers who are there for him. Donny:look for all the people whos blocked trey in the past hes sorry okay especially for his friend yeppo-kaykay. hes sorry kaykay i know you still love him as a friend and adin has been helping him out trying to get over her hes sorry okay trey is sorry for  spaming you kaykay all because he wanted to skype chat but he got impaitent so hes sorry and he promises to get over kaykay and never spam anyone ever again its a mega promise to all his friends. Shades: well see you guys later and be there for my bro trey see ya. Donny: yeah same here see you guys later TPK 
Everyone i need your help Vampys in the Hospital again i need everyones help to support Vampy. She got bit by A spider everyone please help vampy Please!!!!!!!! TPK
Hey Everyone i have a big announcement now thats its summer vacation i thought about doing a summer vacation video on Youtube. But im gonna need everyones help for this project. This video will have all my friends from DA cosplaying as there awesome OCs i call it Summer Adventures. Sorry im trying to think of a good title. If you guys can think of an awesome title name for this video leave a comment in the comment box below kay. This video will have comedy,randomness,adventure,a little drama,Etc. If you guys have any ideas for the video leave a message in the comments box below kay. But Nothing inapropiate in any ideas you guys have i like to keep things PG kay. any way ive picked out a few people who are gonna be in this video and ill tell who they are later today. But here are the first people i picked for the video. TPK


Also i would like to play a few songs that my friends love the most so i hope you guys like it and im glad to have not only my OCs watching my back but also my great friends here on DA. And if any one on DA is mean to my friends or blocks them then its your lost cause when you block them your loseing a good friend. And if any trys to hurt or block my friends you'll have to get pass me and my OCs will defend our friends forever.

This song is for my awesome bro Adin who's been there for me and help me out since ive been on DA. He and his awesome and cute OC Yuna Sakura have been there for me and im glad to have them as awesome friends. this song is for you Bro Go the Distance… enjoy.